The Recipe For Great Churches


Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. (1Corinthians 12:13 NIV)

It’s a great concept to read. It’s a great rally cry for churches. It’s an easy sell. But what about putting it into practice? What does something like ‘that’ look like?

Well I can tell you first-hand how much this passage of Scripture came to mind this past week. On Sunday night we hosted our missions event at the church and had a GREAT time! It was SO much fun to laugh and chat with everyone as we enjoyed some amazing food and talked about what our team is planning on doing while we’re away.

I led the night… but to be honest with you, there were a NUMBER of areas that I had NO idea how things were prepared, implemented, or executed. I didn’t serve ONE plate. I didn’t take ONE ticket. I didn’t play ONE note. I didn’t clean ONE table.

But it all got done. The event was a hit and everything seemed to get accomplished. It was a great success! That’s because each member of the team knew that they had a part to play and made sure that it got done. The night went by smoothly not because ‘someone’ took control… but because ‘everyone’ did their part.

That’s what God is calling us to at Evangel. Not leaning on the few to make it all happen… but allowing everyone to be a part of the wonderful work that God has for us to do. Our decision to refrain from doing our part either makes someone else have to do it or it doesn’t end up getting done. We had INCREDIBLE food on Sunday night… but it would have been useless to have kept it in the kitchen while leaving everyone out around the tables starving. Let’s ALL get out of the ‘kitchen’ and serve the world the BEST thing they’ve ever needed… Let’s bring them Jesus.

At least that’s how I see it,



Almost Home

Well I’m on my way home from our men’s missions trip to Manitoulin Island.

Every year the men come up to the Spring Bay Camp and do two intensive days of construction. We renovated one cabin, steel roofed another, sided another, and put benches & tables in the snack shack. I’m so proud of them.

But as happy and blessed as I was to have gone with them, there was always a voice calling in the very pit of my being, “I wanna go home”. Yes, I may have enjoyed the moment but I knew it would only be temporary. I never thought of staying there because I knew there was a place far better with people waiting for me to come.

Life is really no different.

This place, this time, this ‘season’ on earth is temporary. Yes, it may be enjoyable, fun-filled, maybe even productive, but we ‘know’ deep down inside ‘we want to go home’.

And there is Someone waiting for us. The closer I get to my current home, the more excited I get. The closer I get to my ‘eternal’ home, the more excited I get. And I believe He does too.

What about you? Are you stuck on an ‘island’ trying to live your life with nowhere to go ‘after’ or do you know you have a Home to go to?

At least that’s how I see it,

C – whose almost home!

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