Turning Roadblocks to Bridges


Yep. It must be spring. I can tell for of two reasons:

1- the birds have started to sing after 5 months of frozen vocal cords,

2- construction is in full force.

The long waits, the merged lanes, and cars brought down to a crawl… sounds no different than the winter driving we just endured, except no frozen feet.

We’ve been looking at the idea of starting a Generosity Revolution at Evangel; changing our mindset about how to live, and love the world around us. Sometimes it means that we will have to face some unexpected (and dare I say sometimes unwanted) people each day. In so doing, I got to thinking of two different ways we may need to see ourselves viewing these people that seem to cross our path.

As “Road-Blocks”: these are people that we tend to feel are stopping and hindering us from moving forward. If only they would get out of the way then we could actually get things done. These people bleed us, frustrate us, and make life all the more aggravating because we now are forced to spend time dealing with them.

But what if they weren’t “Road Blocks” but actually “Bridges”? What if we misread the signs and actually missed out opportunities to get further ahead? Maybe, just maybe, God placed them there to help us get to a whole new level of commitment, obedience, and relationship with Him.

Some bridges might be huge, require a large commitment, and span large bodies of water. Others might simply carry you over a creek and require hardly anything at all. But regardless of the obstacle, the result is the same… you move forward, further, farther.

There’s something almost certain about a road block… you can’t go any further. It’s the end of the line.

But what if we started seeing the people around us as opportunities to allow God to continue to lead us? To direct us? To reveal His love through us?

That, my friend, is a journey that all of a sudden becomes exciting to be a part of!

At least that’s how a I see it,



3 thoughts on “Turning Roadblocks to Bridges

  1. That sounds amazing… Hockey is now over for another season… And joining everyone at church again sounds like my new adventure until September … See you tomorrow Jackie

  2. Love this concept..have had people placed in my life at times I was challenged but knew God was encouraging me to go forward and take that step of faith…it is so easy to love the lovely but Jesus himself took time for the unlovely and he is our example.

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