New Year… New Page of the Same Book

Well it’s a new year… plus a week and a bit and I’m already noticing how much has happened in 8 days! We often talk about so much that happens in a year… I’m talking about EIGHT days!

But when I think of all that’s going on, and anticipate what is going to happen this year, I get excited!!! I know that it is going to take a lot of work but I believe that the same God who leads us… sustains us.

I also admit that all that seems ‘new’ this year is merely just a new page from the same book. God’s plan for our lives doesn’t bounce back and forth with no rhyme or reason. On the contrary, it is all part of a masterfully designed plan to place us exactly where He wants us… as long as we are willing and obedient to listen.

2011 is going to be an incredible year and I can’t wait to write about all that happened at the beginning of 2012.

God is writing an INCREDIBLE book! I’m just glad I get to be mentioned in it as I watch His hand at work!

At least that’s how I see it,


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