God With Us Preview

Just was thinking of the Singing Christmas Tree production that we are about to launch this weekend. We had the practice with all of the tech people and the actors with some of the soloists. Tonight is the dress rehearsal.

I said to someone yesterday, “This thing is about to happen… whether we are ready or not!”

The truth is that I believe that we are ready… for the production. But I’m not quite sure that we are really prepared for what we believe God is going to do ‘through’ this production.

The story is incredible. The music is amazing. The entire production is going to really set a new standard to what our people are prepared to do as well as deliver.

The message is timeless… yet intensely relevant to all who will come. Everyone of us, at one point or another, finds themselves in dark places wondering where God is.

And He IS there. Though we may question His PRESENCE, we can never question His PROMISE to be there and never leave us or forsake us.

He IS with us. And I can’t WAIT to see His hand at work of the next six performances. I trust that you will be there too.

At least that’s how I see it,


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