Footprints in the Snow

I am not sure of a poem I’ve heard more at funerals or in messages about the person who was walking in the sand only to see one set of footprints during the hard times. I’m sure you know the rest, Jesus was holding this person during the hard times.

Jesus was called Immanuel – “God with us”… In the good times… in the bad times… During days of joy and happiness… during days of pain and despair. Jesus came to be with us during it all.

This Christmas at Evangel, we are endeavouring to make Christmas real. Our message series is entitled “Characters of Christmas” as we delve into how the Christmas story really affected the lives of the people involved.

Our Singing Christmas Tree production this year is entitled “God WIth Us” and is a candid and realistic perspective of how Christ came for the hurting. I’m not sure of a better opportunity to bring friends and family to an event in the year than to the Singing Christmas Tree. The production is always created not to entertain but to inspire people to come back to God. You can click here if you want more information on it.

Kerry and I would like to wish you the most blessed Christmas and thank you for the many great memories that we will remember about 2010.

Be blessed,


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