God & Disposable Cameras

My son and I were talking the other day about a ‘crisis’ he faced… he needed batteries for the game controller.

I know… stop the world… Actually, if it were me, I’d be looking in drawers and old remote controls as well to try and find batteries to finish playing the game. The guys he was with put their money together to get more batteries at the store but didn’t have enough to buy them.

Then the unthinkable happened… (‘unthinkable’ meaning that ‘I’ would never have thought of it). They started opening up disposable cameras that had been already emptied. The film was out and already processed but the batteries were still in the cameras and were serving no use at all.

Problem solved… GAME ON!!!

Then it hit me… How TRUE is that with God and us as well. God has placed the ultimate power source in the cheapest vessel. No one really cares about the camera… They worry more about what the camera is able to produce. The camera is just going to be thrown in the garbage some day but it’s the film and the memories that will live on forever.

One day we will all die. It’s a written guarantee (Hebrews 9:27). When we do, what will REALLY matter is the life and fruit that came from that cheap vessel. He gives us the power within to make it all work through His Holy Spirit. The ‘camera’ will be cast aside… The ‘film’ will live on thanks to the power of the ‘battery’ within it.

At least that’s how I see it,



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