Tiger Woods: Minority Rules

Tiger Woods
Different people are known for different things. Music… literature… acting, to name a few. But truthfully, most people are known only within their own ‘following’ for what they contribute to society. Classical music lovers might not be very current on the latest pop group climbing the charts.

Then there is Tiger Woods. I think that Tiger has to be one of the most popular persons in the 20th – 21st centuries. There are few people in the present world who are more known globally than Tiger Woods. It doesn’t matter if you like golf, tolerate it, despise it, or don’t even know how to play it… ‘Everybody’ seems to know who Tiger Woods is. He’s the “world’s greatest golfer”.

Except for three people… One knows him as ‘husband’ and two know him as ‘Dad’.

And just recently, Tiger did what shocked the world… not make some bad decisions (the world unfortunately has become desensitized to this), but rather drop out of the one thing that has made him globally famous to deal with the three people that matter most… his family.

We all need to re-prioritize our lives on a regular basis or else things start to go awry. This January we are going to be looking at a series entitled, “Balancing Life”. The world will put expectations on our lives. We need to ask ourselves ‘Who’ is really important and take a hard look at how we are handling life before we find life starting to handle us.

It is my prayer that 2010 be a banner year as God opens opportunities and miraculous blessings on your life as you seek and follow Him.

At least that’s how I see it,


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