Julia Child is to Food like Following Jesus is to…

Okay… I don’t know much about Julia Child. Some would be surprised that I wouldn’t know much about cooking. I like one of her quotes, “I didn’t start cooking until I was 32. Up until then I just ate.”

But in my limited and very primitive research on her one thing jumped out to me… she didn’t care what was expected of her. Julia just did her own thing and ended up changing cook books & cooking for an entire generation.

Imagine if we followed Jesus the same way? Imagine, for a moment, what could happen if we chose to not concern ourselves with how we thought other people would act / react to our choice to follow Jesus? A journey of faith void of second guesses, shallow judgments, and pre-determined expectations could be such a liberating experience.

People were drawn more to Juila’s passion for what she believed in than whether or not she was qualified enough. Jesus is not looking for people with more letters beside their name than the alphabet. God is looking for men and women who will, like Julia Child, be passionate for what they believe in.

At least that’s how I see it, (now what’s in the fridge?)


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