The Family – ReMiX

Yesterday we talked about how the local church family needs to care about those around them, share what they don’t own (God owns everything), and come along side people when they are going through hard times.

Kerry and I were talking about the message on the way home and how many people don’t take the next step from seeing the person beside them in church as ‘actually’ part of their family.

Well let’s be realistic, they aren’t right? (unless they ‘actually’ are) People come from all walks of life and sit beside you in church. They aren’t REALLY your family right?

Well what about that old adage… “Blood’s thicker than water.” Basically, you are going to be more loyal with your family than your friendships / acquaintances. But my question to you is this… “Whose ‘blood’ are we talking about?”

The truth is that if we have chosen to give our lives to Jesus Christ, then it is HIS blood that has taken care of our sin. So… in essence, because of grace and mercy, we ALL become part of HIS bloodline. None of us therefore have more importance with God OR each other because we are now part of the same family.

How do you view the ones around you? Are they just bodies in the seats next to you or should not Sunday morning be a weekly Family Reunion!!!

At least that’s how I see it,


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