Random Conference Thoughts from Captain Obvious

I’m just wrapping up our district conference. We have one every two years where the group of credential holders in our denomination are able to elect persons to ‘serve’ our district until the next conference.

Rather than let my observations fall into the recesses of my mind, I thought I would mark them and see if others have thoughts about them.

1 – The ‘body’ functions much better when the ‘body’ is present:
I was one of the scrutineers (no, the verb of being a scrutineer is not to scrutinize) and one thing that I noticed is that the voting process took MUCH longer when people were not present to vote. They were off talking, mingling, and mulling about. To be honest, some of the time I was a little jealous because I would have loved to be able to mill around but I had a job to do.

But some things from that came to light:
a – don’t be upset with the results when you had nothing to do with them. – If you didn’t vote, then you lost your opportunity to voice your opinion.
b – If you DID vote and didn’t get your way, that’s because more people didn’t like your way than you did.

2 – Many people want to serve only when it’s ‘important’:
I always find it interesting that asking for volunteers to count or distribute or take registrations at a conference (that you’re ALREADY at) is like trying to corral cats but when it comes to letting your name stand to take days and weeks out of your schedule to sit on the Executive THEN people are ready to serve!

I think we have a lot to learn about the idea of servanthood.

I don’t need to draw parallels to how followers of Christ can sometimes conduct themselves. I’ll let the Holy Spirit do that in your own life.

At least that’s how I see it,

Captain Obvious

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