It’s not Kansas anymore!!!

Hello all. I’m starting up a new blogsite for my journey here at Evangel Church. This is going to be kind of cool because I’m starting it at the VERY beginning of my life here in Brantford. As you see this blog develop, I really think that you will be able to see God’s hand weaving His way through the dreams, discussions, decisions, and directions that we make as a church.

Part of this blog is for me. It will be my typepad to get thoughts out and hopefully foster discussion. It will make me continually try to think outside the box – or at least think inside the box knowing that there is an outside the box out there. It will help me process your thoughts as you comment and bring your own thoughts and concerns to the table.

Another part of this blog is for you. It will be my typepad to pour into your lives with thoughts, devotionals, and insights that I have with the express desire to help you grow in your walk with God. It will be an inlet to allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak into your lives and challenge you to move from where you are today and develop more and more into the man or woman that God intended you to be.

Let’s grow together as we all pursue our great God together.



One thought on “It’s not Kansas anymore!!!

  1. It seems like this is the season for change. It is my opinion that we are naturally resistant to change and will fight it with everything we have.

    I wish you all the luck and prayers on your new journey. I am sure that there will be times where you ask the question ‘Why?’, just stick with it, God always has a plan.


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